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For what this is, it's much better than most of your submissions.
I know you generally tend to invest in the comedy significantly more than you do in the actual animation, but I still feel like increasing the frame count would both make it funnier, and provide something enjoyable for people who don't find the comedy all that funny:
The joke of the animation being stiff isn't contrasted by anything in the movie itself, making it loose the appeal it might otherwise have: there's a reason why stiff animation is funny in cartoons like the Spooky Month series; there's parts where the author will animate things smoothly so it makes the stiff animation more jarring and therefore funny.
This is true of almost everything you've made: the "joke" of the animation being stiff and limited isn't really all that funny if there's nothing to contrast it with.
It's like trying to bake a cake using only sugar and flour: it might taste alright, but it's not really a cake; just as when you make an animation with only keyframes and voice acting, it might be kinda funny, but it's not really an animation.

If I'm honest though, I generally found myself enjoying this much more than your previous works, but that's probably because this one isn't just hopping on a current trend and trying to get views and attention: it comes across as more of a genuine parody of something you enjoy, rather than "oh shit, new thing came out, gotta make a cartoon while this is still relevant" like Hunkin' and some of your other stuff does.

Lastly, I don't think you should be posting people's reviews of your stuff on Twitter: that REALLY encourages the people who don't like you to keep disliking you, and it feels like you're trying to shame people into only leaving reviews that you like.
"Everything By Everyone" goes both ways: you can make whatever you want and the YouTube audience who've migrated over here because of your stuff can come over to get it past judgement sure, but consequently there's no "right" or "wrong" way to respond to reviews and people have and will continue to make fun of how sensitive you come across if you're trying to put stuff on blast or elude to certain kinds of criticism being "wrong".

This makes me extremely nostalgic for old YouTube lego stopmotions! Very nice job replicating the style so effectively!

This will always be the definitive Pico animation in my mind. Fucking awesome.

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As a first game, this is amazing!
I would probably make it a little more difficult though, since it's sort of a cakewalk right now difficulty-wise.

Anosoft responds:

Thanks! Be sure to check out my Itch io page! There's a game on there that I wasn't able to put on newgrounds.


Even for a demo, this isn't really enough to justify any kind of score.
It controls ok and the visuals look pretty good, but quite honestly I ended up confused more than anything at the end. There's no beginning nor any end, so I don't really feel like I've gained or lost anything, which is very important to game design IMO.
Full version might end up being awesome, but right now I feel like just a single screen from a game that seems like it'll be much larger doesn't sell me just yet.

RealLuner responds:

it was rushed, i plan to update it asap.

I can't believe how far you guys have come! I remember talking with you guys in the LISA days, and you've improved a hell of a lot.
This game was fantastic, Can't wait to see more from you!

Noisemama responds:

I remember talking to you briefly; glad you like the game! Me and the rest of the devs at The Tub are working on bringing another game here which we'll hopefully have up in a couple weeks. Thanks a bunch!

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Love the changes to the design: makes everything way more clear. I was always a little iffy on the OG's overabundance of references to old flash stuff, but here it fits much better and feels more natural.

I love the alterations and cleanup with the design:
The original has several features that feel a bit unnecessary and there's parts that don't feel streamlined enough, but your artwork cleans it up a lot, which is awesome!
Colours are also muted, which help this to feel more cohesive than the OG too! Love it!

I love Wario!

Full time frog-eater, hobbyist animator/artist/game designer.

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