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I'm originally from Neuilly Sur Seine (Paris, FR), but I live in the US now.
Babyfaced as fuck.

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It's certainly been a while, no?

The good news is that Beetle Ninja, my recent project that's been occupying most of my free time recently, will be finished and released this November, and I don't intend on adding any significant alterations to it after release (unless it gets super popular, which realistically is sort of a longshot since it's made, by design, to be somewhat niche), therefore I think I'll probably be able to post more artwork on Newgrounds. My goal right now is to get at least one piece of artwork front-paged before 2021 (EDIT: Thank you Newgrounds Staff for front-paging 100 Flash Games! I think I might like to make the 100 ____ Games a series...).

Other than that, not much is happening. I've applied to a few indie publishers/developers recently, but Nicalis tends to have a bit of a nasty habit of ghosting people, and everyplace else seems to be on hold due to current circumstances (can't blame them honestly), although Playism responded recently saying they may be interested in having me re-apply to work for them post-Covid.

I might end up having to seek out internships with triple a game studios soon, which is a bit more creatively limiting than working with smaller teams on indie projects, sure, but I think should be just as fun if not moreso (as long as it's more cartoon-ish like Rayman or something, I really hate drawing realistic stuff).

If Beetle Ninja doesn't succeed, it very well may be the last game I make. I'm hoping it'll do well enough to fund a follow-up game at some point, but I won't get my hopes up for anything like that.

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