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Scrolled through my news posts and remembered that I made a 2021 recap last year, so I figured "why not make another for 2022?"


I think I hit the ground running this year: starting with the Newgrounds Winterfest Intro. A portion of the film was based on my animation "Goobee's Lament", and so I was asked to make a contribution (I did the scene where the Uberkids show up and get pelted by snowballs).

Pixel day soon followed, where I made contributions to Adventure of Leek, Shoot Trip Die, and Pixelgrounds. There's not much to say about these games, since on Adventure of Leek, I just made pixel art and I was a guest artist on the others, but it was a fun time.

March and April saw the release of three films: Darnell Goes to Africa, Dickhead: Awesome Friday's School Madness, and Drowned Alive The Killer. Honestly, Drowned Alive and Dickhead are near identical in approach, and are just these huge hyperbolic collages of random references from different corners of the web, although Dickhead did succeed at getting FNF fans hella salty, which was kinda funny to watch unfold. Darnell Goes to Africa was made to be shocking and piss off people, but at the same time the scam call center gag at the end is quite funny still IMO.

Ruby Heart Matchmakers also released around this time, which was a fun little puzzle game about playing matchmaker with a load of crazy little characters, but that's also (hopefully) getting a big update next year, so I'll shut up about it for the moment.

Pico Day soon rolled around: I contributed to Pico-Cross and Fulpware, the latter of which saw massive success. The game might still be happening, but progress has slowed since we're all adults and therefore have much less free time than we'd like to work on video games.

Going back a tad, however, I released a little hobby project called The Startlingly-Impressive Gun Man right before Pico Day. It's one of my proudest films in terms of writing, although the execution was a bit lacking. I've gotta up my game if I ever get around to making the sequel I was working on.

But I'm of course ignoring the elephant in the room, a submission I've consistently seen notifications for whenever I log in: of course, I'm talking about Porb Dressup: a game we worked on in a night, but for whatever reason became something of a hit amongst the community. I don't know why, I don't know how, all I know is everybody thinks they're a comedic genius for making Morbius jokes in the reviews.

I honestly wish I had more to say about Porb, but nothing else really springs to mind... I guess it was the last project NellyFluff worked on before she disappeared without a trace if you want a little trivia.

Which brings us up to my two most recent projects: Clock Baby Paint Adventure, and Porno Sex Hentai. Coming off of Fulpware, there was sort of this sense of pressure to make something fantastical that I didn't think I could realistically live up to... so I decided to do the exact opposite and make some extremely crude and unpolished stuff.


The biggest loss for me this year was Karrion Killer 2... hopefully it'll release sometime in 2023 (the basic gameplay is coded in, it just needs a greater sense of direction).

In practice, it ended up being a bit boring to play through, and so Levi and I agreed to postpone the game. I think it'll almost certainly happen someday: I'm very happy with how the art turned out, and Karrion Killer is always a project at the forefront of my mind whenever I work on something new!


Next up are two games starring Bird Tapper. These aren't "cancelled", in fact one is very close to completion, but I wanted to give a little taste of what's in store.

The first game is currently untitled, but the second is Tappy Tappy Boneyard. I've never really wanted to make Bird Tapper a proper "series", but he makes a good and easy placeholder, and has grown on me a lot as we continued development. HUGE shoutout to Chupabara for helping with key art on Tappy Tappy Boneyard: his art informed a huge part of Bird Tapper's aesthetic, which sort of became "dopey-ass bird going toe-to-toe with badass soldiers" as we went on.

As for the first game, it has a loose Christmas theme. That's all I'll say for now lol.



Anyhow, expect at least one new cartoon, and one new game by the year's end (or maybe a little later, IDK). I can't wait for you all to experience some of the stuff I've been working on!


Well, what else is there to say…

I guess I’ve been reading more comics recently? I bought some Howard the Duck compilation books recently, and they’ve been a good read; my buddy recommend the series to me and I was a little skeptical at first, but it’s quickly become a favorite of mine.

Ive been able to get into art collecting more lately which has been lots of fun!

I don’t really know what else to say, but here’s to hoping for a great 2023!


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