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I'm originally from Neuilly Sur Seine (Paris, FR), but I live in the US now.
They call me the hbomberguy lookalike.

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Wow, it seems like that thing about the Piconjo game thing got a lot of attention, eh?

I thought I'd give you lot a little more information on the project since it's been getting a load of attention lately:

> The game is planned to be a little bit shorter than Dad N' Me.

>There are three bosses in the game. If I have extra time after these ones are finished, there'll be a much grander final boss fight against Pico too.

> The gameplay style is intended to be sort of a mix between Contra and Zelda 2, but it's purely a boss rush.

> The Mindchamber design was the initial basis for the character design, but I find that as I continue animating Piconjo's sprites Pico vs Piconjo starts to dominate the character's design more and more, and I guess it's kinda fitting...

>Programming is by RaycatWhoDat on Twitter, Music is by Teravex, and art/game design is by me.

Plot wise, this isn't a super story-focused game so...

“In their conquest to exterminate Flash,

Microsoft awakens the ancient evil known as “Piconjo”...

Armed with the legendary blade “Penor”

And with a thirst for the blood of the one they called “LegendaryFrog”,

Piconjo makes his way to the land of “Newgrounds” from whence he was banished

To end flash once and for all”

I did a little bit of external research into Piconjo's userpage, and I'm trying to keep shit as authentic as possible. That doesn't necessarily mean just using "Rammstein" by Asche Zu Asche all the time and calling LegendaryFrog names constantly, rather it means taking from that unique spam culture Piconjo made and trying to forge from it something that's kind of similar tonally without it being too annoying.

I'm really excited to keep working on this thing, and I hope we can finish it in time! If we can't, I'll just release it a little late. It's extremely rare that getting an indefinite delay on another project excites me, but this is one of those rare moments :D

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