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Posted by ProsciuttoMan - 4 days ago

Since this probably won't be happening for a while, I thought I'd upload some concept art from a fairly old game I was working on for a little while called "Esquade Des Bombes" or "Bombing Squadron".

In the end, the idea's probably a bit too complicated to pull off effectively, but if you're a programmer and you're at all interested in trying to bring this thing to life, don't hesitate to contact me about it!


The game was meant to be a bit of a platform fighter, but with the quirk of all playable characters having a gimmick akin to Steve's in Super Meat Boy: tile-based destruction of environment objects, and the ability to place those tiles around for navigational purposes, or to prevent another character from recovering, hence the name "Escouade Des Bombes"/"Bombing Squadron". Characters were all to be based on different types of explosives, and I wanted to keep the movesets simplistic to compensate for that strange gameplay hook.

Really, I don't mind if somebody steals this idea. It's not really something I think I can personally finish without external aide anyhow.

At the very least, I think the character designs are pretty cool and I still really like them.


Posted by ProsciuttoMan - 7 days ago

As I said last week, I'm now 20. Feels weird, mate.

I've got some fresh updates on some new games I'm working on though, and I'd like to discuss that a bit.

"Bone Lover"

A really small mining game starring the spider-like "Bone Lover" digging through clumps of earth to uncover some precious marrow. It'll be sort of a fusion of an old iOS game I played growing up called "Dirt" and the more recent Super Motherload, though it's more score based like Dig Dug or Mr Driller. It's in the prototype phases right now, but with any luck I'll have screenshots to share soon enough.

I'm also sort of excited to release it since it's the first game I've made with a SNES-esque aesthetic rather than a NES one.

"Boil King"

This one will probably stay on the backburner for quite a while, just because it's super ambitious and I want to avoid another Beetle Ninja situation where I work super hard to get stuff done quickly and efficiently, and then the game comes out and it's a total flop. I only touch it on occasion, and I haven't really moved past the character design stage yet.

Essentially, Boil King is just a post-apocalyptic Pokemon clone stripped down to it's basics: no levels, no random encounters, just overworld navigation and monster collecting. I'll talk more about this as I start on programming.

"Yeti Game"

I can't really reveal anything about this one, other than it's going to be part of the Newgrounds Advent Calendar, and the protagonist is a yeti. This may end up being cancelled, however, since the programmer's been unable to assist with it as of late.

"Karrion Retribution"

I've been thinking about a Karrion sequel for a short while now, but I sort of doubt it'll happen for the moment. Maybe next year, you'll get to see the little meatbag get his retribution, but right now all sequel plans for Karrion are just me having fun experimenting with the design and making him look like different iterations of Jason Voorhees.

Anyhow, I hope to continue working on stuff that captures your attention, and it's a joy to create works on Newgrounds!

Posted by ProsciuttoMan - October 17th, 2020

Karrion Killer has been released! I'm so happy to have finally finished this short-form game about slashing your way through waves of rotten meat, and strange fleshy monsters!

For the moment, the highest scores (besides mine and LeviRamirez's) are:

  1. EliwoodScyther with 14,794
  2. TomFulp with 5,923 (also, thank you for being the first person (that I know of) to play the game!)
  3. negixnodoka with 3,583

I wonder if anybody's seen the ending just yet... I don't think so, but I might be wrong about that?


Anyhow, with Karrion Killer now finished I can delve into post-mortem reflections about it, and discuss some of the scrapped content...

My primary inspirations when approaching the game were DOOM, Monster Party, and Downwell, although Levi might have his own different list of games he drew inspiration from with this project.

I like to describe the game in a few key "phases" of development, because it started life fairly differently to how it ended up when we finally released it.

Stage 1: "Piconjo Kills Newgrounds"

Karrion Killer started life as this conversation I had with a few people on Hotbun that got a little out of hand... This was around the time Oney was under scrutiny from Twitter for something mind-bogglingly ridiculous, and I remember I just kinda got sick of it. I think the initial idea was "Let's make a shooter/platformer thing where you kill Newgrounds characters or something as a twitter NPC", but I ended up getting carried away with the idea and conceived a game where you'd play as Piconjo (to make it more "subtle" commentary on the issue) and you killed Newgrounds characters, culminating with a face-off with Oney or somebody else from Newgrounds. You could use Piconjo's lanky arms to grapple onto surfaces and launch enemies around. The ending would have seen Piconjo turning into the NPC meme or something equally stupid.

Of course, this never went anywhere and was purely conceptual, thus it ended up scrapped.

The Piconjo origins of the project are still referenced via the "Besitzen Sie" palette, which is meant to serve as an homage to the Piconjo character.

Stage 2: "Night of the Living Foreskin"

When we started to better define the project, LeviRamirez and I settled on creating a unique world with distinct characters. It was originally to be called "Night of the Living Foreskin", and play in a more top-down setting ala Binding of Isaac, but we ended up settling for the River City Ransom-esque map of the final after a bit of back-and-forth discussion about it.

The "Night of the Living Foreskin" title was actually the basis for Karrion's design as an amorphous, yet vaguely human fleshy sack, and was the main reason I designed him as a pink character.


In discussing Karrion, I believe it was at this point that we decided upon the idea of unlockable colour palettes as rewards for playing through the game.

We wanted to keep an NES "horror" theme with all the character palettes, although some are a bit more fitting of that definition than others:


In order, the palettes are homages to: Friday the 13th NES, Firebrand and Arthur from Ghosts and Goblins, Swamp Thing NES, Sweet Home NES, Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Jaws NES, Piconjo, Dad n' Me/Chainsaw the Children, [none], Ridley from Metroid, the Xenomorph from Alien 3 NES, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde NES, Devil World, Abobo's Big Adventure/Double Dragon, and the last has no reference that I'm aware of (it was the only one I didn't make myself).

It was around this time we toyed around with the idea of random dialogue, and decided upon the idea of a death screen that'd spit out horror-related quotes from old movies and games, with quotes deriving from BEN DROWNED, Bride of Frankenstein, It, Pet Sematary, Space Funeral, South Park, Minecraft, and many, many more. I think it turned out great, and I'd often find myself killing Karrion just to see what death quote I'd get.


Stage 3: "Karrion Killer"

When the game took its final shape, there were a few alterations that were necessary to make pre-release, most of them somewhat significant.

Firstly, there's an unused ghost enemy that would shoot at the player, approach them, and swiftly teleport away if you used your scythe swipe attack. This ended up being to complex and it wasn't immediately readable, so the idea was ditched in favor of removing the enemy entirely.

It also kinda helped with keeping the game fast-paced. One of the main goals we had with combat was that the player should always be able to attack, so if they're chasing an enemy down or defending, that's their own fault for playing too recklessly. Ths ghosts went against this whole idea in execution.


I brought up the idea of the final round having an Icon of Sin-esque static boss who'd summon enemies endlessly to attack Karrion. I think it's removal was for the best, since that'd probably have led to players cheesing it's monster summoning powers to get a higher score.

Sadly, it was never designed, so I don't really have any cool graphics of it to show off.

There was, however, one last feature that never made it in...


This is "Korpse", he was to be the Luigi to Karrion's Mario and would have been unlocked... somehow. We cut him from the game for precisely that reason: we didn't know what to do with him. I think I floated around the idea that he'd be unlocked after beating the game, but that felt kinda lame to be honest.

In the end though, Karrion Killer is a game I'm pretty happy with. It's got a lot of charm to it, and I think it's definitely an experience I'll look back on very fondly!

Levi and I might collaborate sometime again on some more games, but most likely not until after 2020's finished up. Look forward to it!


Posted by ProsciuttoMan - October 14th, 2020

My latest game project, Beetle Ninja is finally complete! It can be downloaded here, and costs $3 USD if you're interested! There's also a free demo for skeptics to try out, and the soundtrack can be purchased here! Please consider purchasing if this seems like something you'd like! :D


Posted by ProsciuttoMan - October 10th, 2020


You should totally play Karrion Killer, the "secret Halloween Thing", when it comes out next week lol.

Posted by ProsciuttoMan - October 9th, 2020

The Halloween Game's coming together pretty well! Today, I went to Dollar Tree to buy some chalk, fake blood, and a "Scary Mask" to make some rather interesting "Promotional artwork". Fortunately for me, I had access to an abandoned and ruined concrete structure, so this was really the best excuse I could have asked for to draw weird creatures all over it. My little brother helped me out with shooting this photo too, which was really cool!


The final result of production and a little editing in post-production really made the picture look like something out of The Blair Witch Project!


I ended up getting carried away and drew all over the main structure! The opening in the back is just a rusted off trapdoor leading into a small limestone pool where the neighborhood frogs go to have orgies or something.


Of course, I had to draw a crude Tankman to complete the scene!

I wrestled a bit with posting this since it reveals quite a bit about the game, at least in my opinion, but since no actual in-game content is displayed I figured it was probably fine (right?). Anyhow, look forward to release sometime around October 18th!


Posted by ProsciuttoMan - September 29th, 2020

I finally managed to track down a Tankman from Mercari! It was out of box, unfortunately, but it was a really sweet deal that I couldn't pass up! It was on sale for 17 bucks from some guy in North Carolina, but again this is out of box and the only other one I saw was $750. This'll look really nice in my dorm when I go back to Florida once Covid-19's under control!


(Yes, those are BlockBuster video posters)

Also look forward to something coming in October!


Posted by ProsciuttoMan - June 10th, 2020

I really enjoyed sharing the design process for "God of Teh Pr0tal", so with another Pico's School mockup having just been finished, I felt it was only natural that I show off some of the process for the Pico's School Tributes!

Pico's School Tribute 1:

With the Pico mockups, I generally downsize a standard screenshot that I take of the game itself first before I start drawing out anything, just to give myself a stronger idea of how everything should look in a GBA-esque resolution (which both Pico mockups use if only for the nostalgia value).


It ends up looking a bit blurry and confusing, but again this is just to give me a general idea of how everything should look at this scale.

The first thing I ended up tackling was Pico himself, since it's a bit less of a chore to draw a character as opposed to a detailed environment, and since I knew going into this that Pico himself needed to look just right for this to fully work.

I wanted to both stay accurate to modern Pico, while also harkening back to the old version's general crudeness. I was also pretty keen on keeping things accurate to the setting: I know a lot of people portray Pico as a badass or whatever, but I felt that I wanted to harken back to Tom Fulp's animations for Pico within the game, which generally portrays him as a fairly freightened-looking character.


Looking back, I'd actually probably change a lot on the arms, but oh well.

The UI of Pico generally struck me as generally pretty simplistic, which I really enjoyed and wanted to preserve. I think the UI was fairly successfully translated, although the arrow indications for rooms is something I would do a bit differently should I make some sort of redux.

Following this, I decided to begin work on some general environmental assets. I didn't really stick to GBA restrictions on these, instead of following tile set limitations I just redrew everything from scratch without concern for this.


The blood splatter and reflections were added later.

Now that all assets were finished, I imported them and re-arranged the assets upon the initial screenshot's framework: using it to generally decide which assets needed to go in which locations. Smaller details were also added, like the reflections on the floor, the blood, etc...

The UI was also added, which really brought the whole thing together!


Pico's School Tribute 2:

Similarly to the first Pico mockup, I used a downsized screenshot to find out the general idea of what I wanted to do with this piece.


With the second Pico mockup, I wanted to capture a more intense scene, which meant trying to tackle Cassandra: possibly one of the hardest designs I've ever had to reinterpret.

Initially, I tried to translate the characters 1:1, but I quickly scrapped this upon realizing it looked like the initial screenshot had simply been translated to GBA hardware, which is something I strive to not do with these.


Eventually, I realized that this scene should look a bit more cinematic, and focus a lot more on the sheer scale of the battle: the small yet heavily armed Pico facing off against the colossal and terrifying Cassandra. Therefore, I decided a smaller Pico with a more visible gun would be a better choice for this scene.


Cassandra was tough to reinterptet, initially I went for a more silly Kaiju-esque design, although after completing the UFA Tribute, I think I had a more solid grasp on the Penillan designs, and re-tackled the Cassandra design to a much more effective result.


I must confess, I still kinda like the eyes in my initial redesign, although the remainder of it's a bit embarrassing in my opinion.

I ended up going for smaller legs contrasted by long arms, and removing the small "nose" to make more room for the mustache and larger eyes. I decided to keep black fingernails in order to keep with the goth aesthetic.

I also had to cover up the prevalent cock present on Cassandra in order to keep things a bit more accessible.

I actually ended up making some fairly significant alterations from the initial screenshot, specifically in regards to the background and the lighting. This was all in attempts to instill a greater sense of tension and dread within the viewer. There were also a handful of other minor changes, like the position of the corpse and adding some cracks on the wall to give a stronger sense of destruction, but I don't want to bore anyone who might be reading this by reiterating on my process for redesigning set objects, so I'll be a bit less forthcoming with that information.

Anyhow, the final result ended up being something I'm pretty proud of, albeit not quite as much as the first mockup.


This leads me to the final version published last week!

I'm definitely going to create more GBA mockups, in fact I'm actually working on a Club a Seal GBA mockup right now that may or may not also be on hold indefinitely.

Posted by ProsciuttoMan - June 4th, 2020

I've been putting this off for a long ass time, but I think I'll finally be able to finish a sort of "sequel" to the Pico's School Tribute I made last year. In truth, I've actually been meaning to come around and finish it, but I got distracted with other stuff, and Cassandra's also kinda tough to draw within the confines I set for myself.

Anyhow, here's what I have so far:


Obviously, this is unfinished, but I think I can get it finished soon. Pico's School Tribute is by far my most popular piece, and the one I enjoyed making the most, so a follow up is something I'm really eager to get finished!


Posted by ProsciuttoMan - May 12th, 2020

Ordinarily, I think describing the way I create artwork is kinda boring, but I think the Piconjo art I did recently is pretty good and it had a rather complex design process behind it, so I thought it'd be interesting to share the process with others!


Lately, I've leaned a lot more into sketching out my artwork on paper first, then making digital touch-ups before transitioning over into making it pixel art.

With this piece in particular, I really wanted to lean into the way MindChamber described Piconjo: "The Dark Side of Newgrounds", although I must admit I'm not as big a fan of the way Piconjo is portrayed in Newgrounds Rumble as most seem to be. I based heavily on the original incarnation of Piconjo using a lot of grey and darker colors, and with an exposed chest: particularly using "Piconjo Besitzen Sie" as a refrence.

I like to think the more exposed chest in combination with a lankier, scrawnier body makes him appear a little bit frightening, returning to the idea of this being the incarnation of the "Dark Side of Newgrounds". I wanted to keep the FU belt in the pixel art version, but because of the resolution, I had to drop it. It's a shame too because I think it fits pretty well into the characterization of Piconjo I was aiming for.


(If you can't read french, he's just saying "King of the Portal!")


Something that I think isn't as discussed as it should be in pixel art is how to create palettes. Most projects I've been involved with that employ a team really struggle to create a color palette for their artwork.


Since I was kinda pressed for time already, and since I already had Piconjo Besitzen Sie screenshots open for reference on Paint.net, I just grabbed most of Piconjo's color scheme from there, and made a few minor alterations so that I was using the minimum quantity of colors possible to really give it a sort of old school feel.

I studied film for a bit, and I wanted to make this piece a little more cinematic by adding a more ominous presence to Piconjo, hence the darker shading and the red lighting from the back.

After importing and converting to pixel art, I decided to make a few modifications, mainly changing the position and shape of the right hand, and modifying the stance a little bit.

I'd always wanted to make the shading pretty different from what I usually try to aim for in my work, but it took a few revisions to get just right.



Eventually, I realized this version was a little bit lacking, and the shading looked kinda janky, so I made a few minor edits by adding a one pixel line to indicate Piconjo's hair and body, and making it more smooth. I also felt the sinister grin I'd given to Piconjo was a tad lacking overall, so I decided I needed to change that a bit too


Thus, leading to the finalized version I published today!

Overall, I really like how this turned out, and I'm excited to use the techniques I learned here in other artwork!