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Posted by ProsciuttoMan - August 14th, 2021


Just popping by to announce that the game @ItsPCD, @KoffiDuck, Baursach, and I made for lowresjam 2021, "Bat-Terry Assault" is finished!

It's a neat little arcade-style game (ala Karrion Killer) about overweight people on fat-scooters, cannibalism, and police brutality. If any of this piques your interest, I'd love if you could give it a download: we all worked our asses off to get this game done in time, and I think it really shows!


The primary influences for this game aesthetically were Kero Blaster and Alien Hominid, but I also borrowed a lot of compositional influence for the "bigger" artwork from Fooly Cooly and other similarly visually stylized works.

Anyhow, I'm rambling at this point but TL;DR: it really is a fun game, and it'd mean a lot to me if you checked it out!





Posted by ProsciuttoMan - August 12th, 2021

I didn't really plan on making a post like this, but a lotta new stuff! Gotta talk about it!


Pico Vs Peter The Ant released. It's arguably probably the best of any of my animations comedy-wise: it's the story of when I, as a seven-year-old kid, ripped open an ant hill and pissed on it as retribution for the ants biting me. The inspiration from Da Adventures of Pico 3 and other classic-era Pico cartoons I think is pretty clear. It's not super popular, but I hope a lot of the newer people watch it and make stuff like it, since I'm kinda getting tired of watching boring, samey animations where the punchline is always about how Pico is gay.

Goobee's Lament received Review Crew Pick this week! It's based off some recent site drama, the TL;DR is that Doobus Goobus is extremely hated in the community amongst most of the older users and site regulars, and he did a lot of stuff recently which upset most older users. The animation itself, I think, has become somewhat symbolic for a lot of people of many people's hate for Goobus and people like him (which I take as sort of a good thing, personally).


I'm wrapping up two projects right now: Bat-Terry Assault- a lowresjam submission, and Yes B Can- a clock day cartoon about spam.

After that, since my job training's been pushed back because of COVID, I'll be able to sink a lot more time into Super Simlove Tactics, and I'll probably end up actually being able to make a proper Karrion Killer 2!

Animation-wise, I'm not certain about much. I'm working on an animation for Halloween, but there’s not much else.

I had another weird experience with ants recently, so perhaps another Pico vs Peter the Ant animation would be nice too.

The Too Hot For Twitter Collab idea took off with a few of my friends, even though it was a completely stupid idea I had at 3AM, so that's probably happening too.

Anyhow, adieu for now!



Posted by ProsciuttoMan - July 9th, 2021

Might be working on a cool little game with @plufmot and @POSTELVIS called "Super SimLove Tactics" (or something like that anyhow).

Super amped to start working more on this little project soon! With any luck, I'm hoping it'll end up good enough to warrant some kind of content update.

I wanted to really push myself to draw bigger, more expressive and vivid characters while sticking to a SNES-esque set of limitations. It was also a great opportunity to test myself on relatively more realistic characters.

PostElvis and I are hard at work whilst Plufmot wraps up some of his current projects, so here are a few small mockups:



As you can see, there's a lot of influence from Pico Sim Date and Advance Wars.

All of this is super subject to change when we start working on it more full-time.


Posted by ProsciuttoMan - December 2nd, 2020

My entry for the NG Advent 2020 had to be cancelled due to lack of response from the programmer. I can't really blame him since he's currently hospitalized as I understand it, and I wish him a swift recovery!


I liked how these designs turned out though, so I felt it'd be nice to share a little from this little game that wasn't meant to be.


Posted by ProsciuttoMan - October 17th, 2020

Karrion Killer has been released! I'm so happy to have finally finished this short-form game about slashing your way through waves of rotten meat, and strange fleshy monsters!

For the moment, the highest scores (besides mine and LeviRamirez's) are:

  1. EliwoodScyther with 14,794
  2. TomFulp with 5,923 (also, thank you for being the first person (that I know of) to play the game!)
  3. negixnodoka with 3,583

I wonder if anybody's seen the ending just yet... I don't think so, but I might be wrong about that?


Anyhow, with Karrion Killer now finished I can delve into post-mortem reflections about it, and discuss some of the scrapped content...

My primary inspirations when approaching the game were DOOM, Monster Party, and Downwell, although Levi might have his own different list of games he drew inspiration from with this project.

I like to describe the game in a few key "phases" of development, because it started life fairly differently to how it ended up when we finally released it.

Stage 1: "Twitter Kills Newgrounds"

Karrion Killer started life as this conversation I had with a few people on Hotbun that got a little out of hand... This was around the time Oney was under scrutiny from Twitter for something mind-bogglingly ridiculous, and I remember I just kinda got sick of it. I think the initial idea was "Let's make a shooter/platformer thing where you kill Newgrounds characters or something as a twitter NPC", but I ended up getting carried away with the idea and conceived a game where you'd kill Newgrounds characters, culminating with a face-off with Oney or somebody else from Newgrounds.

Of course, this never went anywhere and was purely conceptual, thus it ended up scrapped.

Stage 2: "Night of the Living Foreskin"

When we started to better define the project, LeviRamirez and I settled on creating a unique world with distinct characters. It was originally to be called "Night of the Living Foreskin", and play in a more top-down setting ala Binding of Isaac, but we ended up settling for the River City Ransom-esque map of the final after a bit of back-and-forth discussion about it.

The "Night of the Living Foreskin" title was actually the basis for Karrion's design as an amorphous, yet vaguely human fleshy sack, and was the main reason I designed him as a pink character.


In discussing Karrion, I believe it was at this point that we decided upon the idea of unlockable colour palettes as rewards for playing through the game.

We wanted to keep an NES "horror" theme with all the character palettes, although some are a bit more fitting of that definition than others:


In order, the palettes are homages to: Friday the 13th NES, Firebrand and Arthur from Ghosts and Goblins, Swamp Thing NES, Sweet Home NES, Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Jaws NES, Piconjo, Dad n' Me/Chainsaw the Children, [none], Ridley from Metroid, the Xenomorph from Alien 3 NES, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde NES, Devil World, Abobo's Big Adventure/Double Dragon, and the last has no reference that I'm aware of (it was the only one I didn't make myself).

It was around this time we toyed around with the idea of random dialogue, and decided upon the idea of a death screen that'd spit out horror-related quotes from old movies and games, with quotes deriving from BEN DROWNED, Bride of Frankenstein, It, Pet Sematary, Space Funeral, South Park, Minecraft, and many, many more. I think it turned out great, and I'd often find myself killing Karrion just to see what death quote I'd get.


Stage 3: "Karrion Killer"

When the game took its final shape, there were a few alterations that were necessary to make pre-release, most of them somewhat significant.

Firstly, there's an unused ghost enemy that would shoot at the player, approach them, and swiftly teleport away if you used your scythe swipe attack. This ended up being to complex and it wasn't immediately readable, so the idea was ditched in favor of removing the enemy entirely.

It also kinda helped with keeping the game fast-paced. One of the main goals we had with combat was that the player should always be able to attack, so if they're chasing an enemy down or defending, that's their own fault for playing too recklessly. Ths ghosts went against this whole idea in execution.


I brought up the idea of the final round having an Icon of Sin-esque static boss who'd summon enemies endlessly to attack Karrion. I think it's removal was for the best, since that'd probably have led to players cheesing it's monster summoning powers to get a higher score.

Sadly, it was never designed, so I don't really have any cool graphics of it to show off.

There was, however, one last feature that never made it in...


This is "Korpse", he was to be the Luigi to Karrion's Mario and would have been unlocked... somehow. We cut him from the game for precisely that reason: we didn't know what to do with him. I think I floated around the idea that he'd be unlocked after beating the game, but that felt kinda lame to be honest.

In the end though, Karrion Killer is a game I'm pretty happy with. It's got a lot of charm to it, and I think it's definitely an experience I'll look back on very fondly!

Levi and I might collaborate sometime again on some more games, but most likely not until after 2020's finished up. Look forward to it!