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Pixel Day 2021, etc...

Posted by ProsciuttoMan - January 25th, 2022

What up.

Making a quick little update to talk about some projects I worked on and some projects I'm working on! Should be fun.

Pixel Day 2022!

I was hella busy this year with pixel day. Lots of projects, so little time...

Unfortunately there were quite a few projects that weren't meant to be: "Chinatown Mowdown" (little Excitebike-type game I was working on with nokoi), an attempt to bring back my lost Christmas game "FUYeti" with MoeAnguish, and a game I was working on with larrynachos about aliens invading Las Vegas all ended up on the cutting room floor so that I could make sure everything else got finished in time.

But I think looking back on Pixel Day 2022, I'm pretty happy with my output: I managed to squeeze in some pretty substantial contributions on three different games (which is excluding projects like NG Zero Hour, which isn't out yet), and all three ended up being pretty fun in my opinion.

Adventure of Leek was a short and sweet, brutal SNES throwback with some uber-challenging level design and bosses. It's also the first time I got to work with people like Kikupan and ToonToonToonToon on a game: always a pleasure to work with new people and keep your work fresh.

PixelGrounds certainly presented a unique challenge: it was a team-based endeavor, and it was open to the public. I haven't shied away from showing my distain for the lack of appreciation new users tend to show to new content, but I feel like in the end there ended up being tributes to a lot of great stuff: both new and old. It was also pretty rad getting to collaborate with my old buddy Snailpirate again after so long...

SHOOT TRIP DIE is definitely the highlight here though: this bizarre perversion of The Binding of Isaac sees an abstraction of a loveable scumbag's descent into madness, and seems to be becoming something of a modern-day classic here on Newgrounds, which is amazing to see!

What's Next?

Unfortunately, I've been swamped with work lately (this is probably why Karrion Killer 2 didn't happen this year), and so it's been tough to make plans for games and movies like I used to.

I do have about two projects definitively in the pipeline: I made something for Winterfest, and I'm still hard at work on a little Pico Day animation whenever I get the time.

Still gotta collab with some important people though... Perhaps some more cool projects are still to be made in 2022? After this year, I'm thinking of taking a little step back, maybe just work on a small handful of collaborative projects here on Newgrounds whilst focusing on bigger games like Beetle Ninja 2. Maybe?

Anyhow, the future's looking bright right now, and I'm excited to keep on making great stuff with great people here on Newgrounds! I've always told myself that I'll keep doing this until it stops being fun, and that hasn't happened yet, so I guess I'm here to stay for at least a little while.





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