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Big Ol' Break/Hiatus/Whateverthefuck

Posted by ProsciuttoMan - October 19th, 2021

By about this time next week, I'll be gone.

Not gonna be dead or anything, I just have to go deal with some life stuff which'll take a little while to finish, so I'll probably be gone until 2022 at least.

This week will almost certainly see the release of 2 projects I've been excited to show off for quite a while: T.O.F.U, and Simlove Tactics. The two are almost polar opposites in terms of the development cycle, the people I collaborated with, and the gameplay itself, but nonetheless I hope you'll enjoy both. Simlove Tactics started out a few months ago, whereas T.O.F.U's been on the backburner for about a year now. [UPDATE: After speaking with Plufmot and Yewtm, I believe both of these will actually be released whilst I'm away, so enjoy!]

Mad At Madness might also release: it's a project I worked on with SlickRamen, MigMoog, and Teravex, but more likely than not it'll release a bit later than the other 2. We wanted to get it out for Madness Day, but IRL shit got in the way.

Other than that though, I'll probably be pretty quiet here.

After I finish up with life stuff, I'd like to get back into the grove of making more cartoons and games!

Some of my goals for 2022 are:

>Get more ambitious with my animations- I thought Bird Tapper's Biggest Fan was decent, but unlike Yes B Can or Pico Vs Peter The Ant, I wasn't trying anything new with it, therefore the film's quality suffered a lot. I think the next thing I want to challenge myself with is making a five-minute animation with voice acting.

>Update to Flash Pro 5.5- I've been using CS4 for a while now, but Zalay sent me a link to 5.5 Pro recently! I know a lot of people like the old school Flash aesthetic I use in my animations, but I'd like to marry that to smoother animation and better drawings, while retaining a fairly minimalist aesthetic. Can't wait to break it in by making a new cartoon!

>Make an original "series"- with Karrion Killer, Peter The Ant, and even to a certain extent Simlove Tactics, it's been awesome seeing friends and other users celebrating my work, but at some point I'd like to do something I can continue in at least two or three different submissions.

>Collaborate with more people- I'd love to make some more cartoons and games with new people! It's always fun to meet people who want to make something cool with you, and I love the idea with working with a lot of the people I've met recently on a cartoon.

Some upcoming projects include:

>Super SimLove Tactics- A tactical RPG I worked on with Plufmot, PostElvis, and ImKevin! Demo going live on Newgrounds soon, full game will come much later.

>T.O.F.U- Masocore platforming adventure with Teravex, Yewtm, and some extra art by Evilsk8r! It's a fun one, I've really enjoyed debugging it, especially recently.

>Dad's Hunting Trip- Big Pico Day cartoon I'm pumped to see through to its end! It's a collab with kiyooo, Zalay, and JuanHelsing based on Dad's Home by Sapuken. It's a self-imposed challenge to make a Pico Day animation that doesn't actually include any Pico-related stuff in it whatsoever because I laughed my ass off when my friends told me that they got review-bombed for making cartoons without Pico in them last year.

>A few miscellaneous scripts I have laying around- there's about 2 or 3 that I'm really excited about. One of them is very Pico Vs Peter The Ant-esque in that it's another cartoon based on a weird personal experience that I find quite funny.

That's all for now! See you soon (or not).