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Piconjo: Teh 6aym Little Update 4

Posted by ProsciuttoMan - 2 weeks ago

We made a load of progress this week with Piconjo: Teh 6aym, so I thought I'd post a little early.


Piconjo: Teh 6aym icon art/title screen artwork by ToonToonToonToon.

Music and artwork have seen a lot of work this week, but I'll start on the music side of things...

We put out a tune earlier in the week called "Korded", which as the title suggests is the boss theme for The Skullkid. All but about two tracks have been composed, but we're still collaborating with others, so it might take a little while longer before we can share these.

What I can share with you is the opening tune "Tale of Pwnage", which now plays over the intro instead of the reversed "A Night in NYC" sample.

Forgive my shitty typo plz!

This actually has a short sample from the second phase of the final boss theme in it!

On the art-side of content, there's been some huge changes! I don't want to get into all of them so that there's at least some surprise when you play the game for yourself, but as I said earlier: Pani and PCD are now assisting with the game's artwork to help refine things significantly!

PCD largely dealt with revisions to the environment, as can be seen here:


Whilst Pani deals with refining character artwork and animations, as can be seen here:


The collaborative nature of this project got sort of out of hand pretty quickly: what started out as a quick game I was gonna make with just TeraVex and RayCatWhoDat has gradually evolved into a collaboration with old LISA: The Pointless community friends and musicians eager to work with me and my friends on a game that's been an absolute blast to work on!

I really hope I'm around next year to work on something like this again, even if it's with different characters or with a different approach: Pico Day projects are just so much fun to work on!

By next week, I'll hopefully be posting some gameplay footage and we'll probably have a lot more assets refined and ready to be added into the game!

This is exciting stuff! We're only 9 days from the game's initial release now, and I'm excited to see what people think of our work.

EDIT: 4/23/2021:

I really appreciate all your support! Thank you so much!

I'd just advise that you temper your expectations a little just so you don't wind up disappointed: this game's by no means anything super revolutionary, it's just a fairly short boss rush-style game with a few Newgrounds characters to fight against.

Admittedly, I worry a bit with the way things have gotten now that the game we're making will disappoint people who expected more, so I just wanted to clarify the scope and scale of this project. It's an intro, three bosses, and an FNV-style ending (plus one extra larger-scale boss a few weeks after Pico Day if things go well, which they hopefully should).

Thank you again for your support!


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this is gunna fuck im hype