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Piconjo: Teh 6aym Little Update 3

Posted by ProsciuttoMan - 1 month ago

Been another week already? Good stuff mate.

Piconjo: Teh 6aym is coming along extremely well lately. Collabotations on the OST are underway right now. Expect some familiar tunes remixed in new ways.

Final Boss- Phase 1: Snippet 1 (Sounds like some DOOM 2016 stuff)

Final Boss- Phase 2: Snippet 1 (I may have fucked around with this one a little)

I won't spoil much about Phase 2, but it's a very large-scale collab between about 9 users- old and new alike- from the audio portal, and the version I put up is merely the framework. Phase 1 is a collaboration with Burn7, whose work can be heard in the Pokemon But With Animals series, and it's meant to be a remix of the classroom theme from Pico's School/Pico vs Uberkids.

I was getting some requests from extremely talented people volunteering to help me out with the game's artwork, so my friends ItsPCD and Pani will be making contributions.

PCD, Pani and I are working together to refine existing assets, and spruce up almost everything to make the animations more fluid, the palettes more distinctive, and the sprites more clear and clean.


Pani's revised Piconjo walk cycle animation, with some extra refinements to my original sprite by PCD.

Though in some cases small, I think these changes go quite a ways towards making the artwork look significantly better! The environment itself is seeing some bigger changes too (in terms of adding detailing), but I won't show that off until a little later.

By around the 25th, the full soundtrack should be complete and posted, and I should have some footage ready to show off. I'll be posting a quick gameplay teaser trailer around the 28th too! Everybody's loved working on Piconjo: Teh 6aym, and I dare to say, I'm extremely proud of what we've managed to accomplish so far!


Piconjo render by Radioexp.

I put this "creative process" shit at the end because honestly, it's not that important to most people who play the game, but I wanted to discuss the design process for Piconjo in this project, because it was fairly interesting.


Old concept art from when I did the Funkin' sprite.

When it came to tackling a legacy character like this, I knew going in that I had to be a bit careful with how I did things. Mindchamber's Piconjo is obviously really great, but going in with a design that's already both great and detailed sort of limits you with what you can do, so I went back to Piconjo's own animations.

I kept the shirt colour because I was making the backgrounds at this time, which were based on the "Piconjo Berserk" cartoon, and since the backgrounds are orange, blue-ish purple contrasted with this well.

Considering the backgrounds again, and seeing that most Piconjo cartoons kept darker trousers and military boots for the character, I kept those as well.

The hairstyle wasn't particularly based on anything specific, rather it was kind of an amalgam of the stickman animations' style of hair with the character. The little tuft of hair that sticks out is wholly original though: since most of the more anatomically accurate Piconjo toons have an aesthetic designed to parody anime, I thought I'd put in an element that was sort of similar. There was also sort of a desire to make him look a bit more FF7-ish, which contributed to this addition.

I also sort of wanted to "one up" the Pico design, so I gave him four main "spikes" of hair: one more than Pico is generally depicted as having.


Piconjo's sprite throughout the project (left to right;newest to oldest).

The face was particularly tricky to handle, though again, I circled back to the more expressive stickman Piconjo cartoons to decide on a final look. At first, I went with the Mindchamber "pissed off" look, which is also present to some extent in "Piconjo 10 sexonds!!!111!" but I started reconsidering that a bit as we kept going...

Piconjo is quite a monstrous character, so perhaps a more animalistic look would be cool? The final smile was made to sort of vaguely resemble a shark when paired with the skin.

The weaponry was a bit more basic: the shotgun is based on Pico vs Piconjo, and the sword had no real basis in particular.